Thrift Store No-Gos: Things you shouldn’t buy at thrift stores

While thrift stores are great for finding good deals on valuable and useful items, there are just some items that you should stay away from. The reason why could be for your health, safety and overall, to avoid overpaying for used items.

Metal Utensils and Bakeware

Let’s keep this one simple, you don’t want rust in your food.


While there are some electronic items, like small kitchen appliances are considered good finds, others like old DVD players are usually overpriced for what you get and aren’t worth the repairs down the road. Don’t get swayed by the computers or laptops there either – they are there for a reason. It is very likely that there is some issue with it that might not show up right away when you test them before paying for them. Don’t risk it. It will cost more to fix it than what it’s actually worth.

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Underwear, swimsuits, socks, and lingerie

No amount of washing could make purchasing these items okay.

Used mattresses and bed linens

Buying used mattresses and bed linens are at high risk for bringing home bed bugs, lice or ticks. Plus, used mattresses and beddings are mostly worn-worn down anyway, so why not just spring for a new one? This goes the same for sofas, pillows and couch cushions.


Their motors tend to die easily and blades get dull over time. It would be way better to buy a new one.

Bonus Tip!

If you already frequent a particular thrift store, might as well find out their sale days as well as when they restock. This way, you always get the best deals and the first pick of the stuff that they put out.
Visit The Thrift Shopper to know which ones are the major thrift stores in your area.

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