There are many ways to save money.  It is just a matter of budgeting and only spending on what you need.  Here is just a sample list.

  • Cook at home instead of ordering out or going out.
  • Bring packed lunch to work and make your own coffee at work. Americans spend an average of $250 a month on lunch and coffee. That is about how much you spend on car payment.
  • Set up a budget. Itemize your necessary expenses and allot for savings before thinking of spending on other stuff.
  • Make a grocery list and buy only what is needed when you go to the market. Do not go grocery shopping when you are hungry because you tend to buy more of what you want than what you really need.  Use coupons when shopping.
  • Set a budget for going out and stick to it. There are a lot of activities that you can do with your family and friends without spending a lot of money. These are just some of them:
    • Have picnic at the park with your family and friends.
    • Play and swim on the beach.
    • If you want to watch a movie in the theater, do it in the morning or early afternoon and pay for matinee tickets.
    • Organize potluck with your friends and invite them over to your house.
    • Go camping and stargaze at night.
    • Go for a hike with your toddlers and/or preschoolers, and ask them about the animals and plants that they see.
  • It is very tempting to buy your kids toys even when there is no occasion. Be creative, do some art work with them out of toilet paper roll and any other available materials in your house. If you look online, you will get a lot of good ideas. You can even play music using your baking pans, and wooden spoons and spatulas. Your kids will definitely have a blast!
  • Recycle your papers, cans, bottles and plastic. It is good for the environment and you can also get money out of it.
  • Do you really need cable TV that costs you from $50 to $100 a month? How often do you even watch TV and is it even worth it? There are a lot of other ways to have entertainment without costing a lot.  Try canceling your cable TV subscription, you will be surprised to realize that you do not need it.  You can also subscribe to online TV and movie options, or to other premiere channel for way cheaper cost than your regular cable TV subscription.
  • Do you pay for gym membership? Do you even use it?  There are a lot of good exercises that you can do at home and you can always run around your neighborhood for your cardio exercise.  You can also check out your local park if they have free exercising activities.

These are just a few examples on how to save money.  Try making your own list and we are pretty sure you will find more ways. It is very tempting to buy something when you are in the mall or browsing online but always get into the habit of checking first if you really need it.  Look at all the shoes, clothes, purses, gadgets and other stuff that you have accumulated from past purchases and ask yourself if they are really worth it.  It might have given you a temporary satisfaction when you bought them but do you really need those?  Do you even have savings equivalent to the money that you spent on those or are you still making payments on those on your credit card?

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