Use Your Planner: Beyond appointments and special dates… What other things can you write down on your planner?


Do you get a planner before the year ends and find yourself only using it until March? Yes, guilty as charged too! Here are some of the things that you can keep track of on your planner to make the most use out of it.


List down any medications, vitamins and other supplements each member of your family are on. This includes herbal medicines and supplements too. This is especially important if you have babies and toddlers so as not to run the risk of overmedicating. This also comes in handy for when you need to consult your physician about any health issues as some symptoms may be side effects of what you’re taking and medications that might be prescribed to you could have drug interactions with any of the medications, vitamins and other supplements that you are taking.


Holiday Gifts


Can I just mention that it’s helpful if you do your holiday shopping at an earlier date? Say June or July, or all-year-long each time there’s a big sale going on. This saves you a lot more time and money than when you cram in December. Here’s where your planner comes in handy. Make a list for friends and family, officemates, or whoever else you want on your Christmas list. Write down what you’d like to give them for Christmas. This way, you’ll have it handy when you go shopping.


Meal Planning


Write down what you plan on cooking for the whole day or week. This will help you mix things up, especially if you have picky eaters at home. This is also a good way for you to make sure that you have a good mix of nutritious ingredients thrown in on each meal.


Book List
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If you love to read and might be following a book channel on YouTube (a really good one is BookswithEmilyFox ), you would regularly hear about a new book that you might want to read. Write it down on your planner so that when you go to the library or come across a used bookstore, you’ll have your must-read list handy.


Movie List


Most of us may not have all the time to see new movies as they come out, so a list of movies that you’d like to watch might come in handy too. Not just for new movies, maybe there are some old movies that you’d like to watch for the first time or maybe re-watch.


Baby Milestones


Let’s be honest, you might not have your baby book close by at all times, so it would be useful to jot baby milestones down your planner. This way, you can just refer back to your planner and add them up on your baby book.


Kids’ clothing and shoe sizes


This would come in handy when you pass by a big sale or if you’re at a consignment event. This way, you’ll know what size your children are currently in and what size they’re possibly going to be in next season or next year.


Immunization record and schedule


This is pretty much a given if you have kids, but this is also useful for other fur mommies out there.


Important dates for school


Write downfield trip and standardized test dates, you can also include any other school events like an upcoming school fair or talent show. This way, you’ll know how your schedule would likely go.


Kids’ Antics


It’s like a cute little diary that you can look back on when you feel a little bit down and may be on a parenting rut. Write down something special that your kids did for you or said to you, probably a cute little act that they did or something funny that they said. It’s the little things that bring you joy after a long tiring day.


Business ideas or DIY ideas


Brilliant ideas mostly come to you when you least expect it. Write them down as soon as you get your hands on your planner.


Procrastination List


Make a list of tasks or projects that you’ve put off doing for too long. Pick as few as 5 or as many as 10 things that you really wanted to start doing. This way, you can maybe finally start that herb garden project or probably rejoin your yoga class.




Writing down your goals for the next month or year may help with motivation. This could be goals concerning your health, travel, home improvements, or maybe new skills that you want to learn.




A personal favorite – doing the gratefulness exercise. Write down 3-5 things that you’re thankful for. Anything! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Do this before you go to bed or any time of the day. It doesn’t have to be a once a day thing, just write it down anytime you think about something that you’re thankful for. This practice is great to keep you grounded as well as to keep your mind in check.

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