Title Loans California

Title loans, also known as car title loans or auto title loans are loans using the equity of your vehicle as collateral.  By getting title loans, you can get instant money when you need it!  The process is fast, simple and easy, and you can get approved in minutes and get funded on the same day. You also get to keep and drive your car when you have title loans.  When you get a car title loan, you turn in the pink slip of your vehicle and the title loans lender is added as lienholder to your vehicle.

When you need money for your personal and emergency needs, getting title loans with Sabre Lending is the solution!  We ensure that you get the best service all throughout your life cycle.  A good title loans lender will not only look into the value of your car but also your ability to pay.  Sabre Lending LLC wants to make sure that getting a title loan from us will help you on your financial situation, and that you have a manageable monthly payment that you can afford and even payoff early.  We encourage our customers to make their payment on time and even earlier to make the most out of their car title loans.  We want you to keep driving your car all throughout your loan cycle because we know how important your vehicle is to you.

Title loans have helped out a lot of people get access to credit when they need it, and when banks and other lenders have turned them down.  At Sabre Lending LLC, we value our customers and we want them to feel that they belong in a community that they can depend on.  Our goal is to help our customers get the money that they need, and ensure that they can make their monthly payments and not put them in a worst financial situation.  We reward our customers when they pay their auto title loans on time.

Sabre Lending works on your time.  We are open by appointment after office hours and on weekends. You can borrow $2,600 and up.  We can also refinance your existing title loans to a lower rate and/or to get additional funds.  Get a free estimate, apply online or call us at 1 (844) 651-5144 and get your title loan today!

Loan approval is subject to several factors. Borrower must meet all specific underwriting criteria and provide an acceptable vehicle as collateral. Other restrictions may apply. Loan amount requirements vary by state. Sabre Lending LLC may act as the broker for the loan, and may not be the direct lender.

Loans made or arranged pursuant to a California Finance Lenders Law License.