120 Things to Throw Away: Pave the Way to a Decluttered Home! 


When you let clutter build up for a while, you’ll find it really hard to start cleaning out the mess in your home. It’s time-consuming, frustrating, not to mention could also be quite overwhelming. Being overwhelmed by the idea of decluttering mostly stems from the idea that you have to be done with it all in one go. I find that taking baby steps by throwing away one or two types of items per day will help you get started. Now throwing away doesn’t really mean throwing things in the trash. You can put them in a bin for a garage sale, recycle or donate them. Look at the real act of throwing things away as a last resort. Here’s a list to help you get started:

  1. Mismatched earrings
  2. Scraps of wrapping paper
  3. Cards people have given you with no sentimental value
  4. Receipts you don’t need
  5. Socks with holes
  6. Old T-Shirts
  7. Dried up flowers
  8. Old magazines
  9. CDs/DVDs
  10. Hair elastics that have lost stretchiness
  11. Hair accessories you don’t use
  12. Shoes that don’t fit or that you don’t wear anymore
  13. Mismatched flip flops
  14. Extra photo prints
  15. Kitchen items that you don’t use or have doubles of, i.e. 5 potato peelers when you only need one or two
  16. Worn out underwear
  17. Scarves you never wear
  18. Clothes that don’t fit
  19. Gifts you don’t like
  20. Old towels
  21. Expired makeup
  22. Frayed makeup brushes
  23. Old nail polish
  24. Old toiletries
  25. Old or unused hangers
  26. Skincare or makeup samples that you’ve been meaning to try out but never got around to
  27. Extra buttons
  28. Expired condiments
  29. Toys your pets don’t play with
  30. Expired medication/supplements
  31. Bills you don’t need to keep
  32. Expired coupons
  33. Old paperwork
  34. Old newspaper
  35. Rusty nails, screws etc
  36. Damaged clothes that are beyond repair
  37. Damaged shoes that are beyond repair
  38. Stained clothes that you can’t clean
  39. Old prom dresses
  40. Old children’s clothes
  41. Outdated electronics
  42. Board games with missing pieces
  43. Rusty jewelry
  44. Scratched non-stick cookware
  45. Old swimwear that’s losing its stretch
  46. Old hosiery
  47. Pens that don’t work
  48. Broken crayons
  49. Necklaces and bracelets with broken clasps
  50. Cables and wires you don’t use
  51. Worn-out sheets and beddings
  52. Empty or near-empty bottles of cleaning products
  53. Broken electronics
  54. Purses you never use
  55. Dingy plates
  56. Flatware, plates and glasses that don’t match the rest of your collection
  57. Old pillows
  58. Wedding invites
  59. Save-the-dates
  60. Wedding favors you don’t use
  61. Worn-out shoes
  62. Old wallets that you don’t use
  63. Broken kitchen equipment
  64. Spare furniture parts you don’t need
  65. Furniture manuals
  66. Boxes
  67. Unused vases
  68. Extra tupperware you don’t need
  69. Tupperware lids
  70. Old mail
  71. Junk mail
  72. Travel brochures
  73. Old bobby pins
  74. Markers that have run out of ink
  75. Random containers and jars
  76. Unused stationery, stickers, and sticky notes
  77. Ripped denim
  78. Old artwork or old children’s artwork
  79. Used and ripped envelopes
  80. Broken or old iPhone cases
  81. Old unused batteries
  82. Extra and unused coffee mugs
  83. Old spices
  84. Address labels for your old house
  85. Wrinkled ribbon and bows for gift wrap
  86. Cards or gifts from exes
  87. Frequent shopper cards you never use
  88. Matchbooks
  89. Old shopping bags
  90. Old calendars
  91. Old folders
  92. Broken fridge magnets
  93. Outdated clothes
  94. Makeup that you don’t reach for
  95. Broken Christmas decorations
  96. Christmas lights that don’t work
  97. Frayed towels
  98. Expired food
  99. Computer cords, firewire cord, etc. that you don’t use
  100. Old and outdated software
  101. CDs for old computer programs
  102. Old cell phones
  103. Hand-me-downs that you’re guilt-tripped into keeping
  104. Freebie or promotional t-shirts you never wear
  105. Old fortune cookie fortunes
  106. Old bank statements
  107. Old planners
  108. Delete email subscriptions from sites
  109. Delete emails you don’t need
  110. Delete unwanted music from your iTunes
  111. Unsubscribe from YouTube channels that you don’t really watch
  112. Base products that don’t match your skin tone
  113. Skincare products that did not work out for you
  114. Mismatched socks
  115. Old school books you’ll never use again
  116. Papers you have backed up on the computer
  117. Books you’ve already read and don’t want to display
  118. Cell phone covers that you don’t want anymore
  119. Old manuals to electronics
  120. Cell phone accessories you don’t use anymore

Photo Source: pgeveryday.com

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