The Big Day! Tips for the day of moving into your new home

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Most of the tips you see about moving talks about packing. How to pack smart, packing hacks and all that good stuff. But what should you actually do to make the moving day itself a lot easier? Here are some useful tips for the big moving day.


1. Don’t skimp on a dolly – The time that you save in getting a dolly on the day of the move doesn’t measure up to the added cost that you’re thinking twice about shelling out. Think about it, you’ll be able to easily stack lots of boxes in one trip saving you lots of time and back trouble.



2. A little bribe goes a long way – Most people get friends or neighbors to help them move. If you have furniture or any other stuff that you’re planning to get rid of, tell all your friends, family or close neighbors that whoever helps you move gets first dibs on any of the things that you plan on getting rid of.



3. Get a babysitter – If you have little kids, getting a babysitter to look after your kids will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. You’re going to be stressed and busy enough without adding in any crying or tantrums. Having someone to look after your kids will also prevent them from possibly getting hurt when the movers come in with the furniture or other blunt objects.



4. Take photos of your old home – There’s always room for a little sentiment even on the big moving day. Years later, you’re going to appreciate being able to have photos to look at and reminisce all the memories that it brings back.



5. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes – With all the back and forth business that you’ll endure during moving day, you’ll definitely want to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear something with pockets so you don’t misplace any valuables like your wallet, car keys and your house keys. Wear comfortable but durable shoes so you don’t hurt your feet when you accidentally bump into furniture. We all know that it’s a definite possibility!



6. Separate moving day essentials – Pack a separate bag or bin with all the moving day essentials that you can think of. Scissors, box cutters, garbage bags, water bottles, snacks, a change of clothes, cleaning supplies and hand towels. It’s a good idea to pack a first aid kit too.



7. Pack a “carry on” for each member of the family – It could be a box or a bag with your essentials on it. Basically, it should be the box or bag that’s opened first when you arrive at the new place. Let’s face it, we’re all tired and kinda lazy after moving into the new place. Have three-days to a week’s worth of clothes in your carry on. It depends on how well you know yourself. Do you see yourself really, and unpacking your stuff in three days? If not, better add some more. Your carry on should also have your personal hygiene essentials like your toothbrush, small toiletries, whatever you need to get primped up. Don’t forget any necessary medication that you regularly take – and your phone charger too!



8. Take photos of your new place before moving in – This is especially important if you’re renting the house. Before moving all of your furniture and boxes into your new home, make sure you take pictures of any pre-existing damages while it’s still empty. Property managers will usually have a move-in checklist for you to fill out, but you might miss things if they’re covered by boxes and couches.



9. Protect your mattresses – Mattresses are very hard to clean – but bedsheets can easily be laundered, so if you’re worried about your mattresses getting dirty during the move, just put a fitted sheet over each side. You’re welcome!



10. Use boxes with handles – Lifting and carrying boxes are easier if the boxes have handles on them. If your boxes don’t have handles on them, cut out handles on each side with a box cutter. Voila! DIY handles!



11. Stay hydrated – Put water bottles in the fridge as soon as you get to your new house. Moving is pretty much an all-day event so you’ll want to stay hydrated, and moving helpers will be grateful for the cold water breaks.



12. Label each boxes appropriately – You can either write on the box itself or stick a masking tape on each of the boxes. See, it’s not enough to just put “Clothes #1” on your label. To make unpacking a lot easier, make it a point to not only write down what’s on the box but to write down which location of the new house that particular box should go into. So “Clothes #1” becomes “Clothes #1 – Master Bedroom”. This way, you have the right boxes are in the right rooms, so you won’t have to go back and forth to get your box of clothes from the kitchen all the way up to your bedroom. It’s exercise, sure, but who needs all that stress?



13. Keep a fun atmosphere – Play some music or a whole season of your favorite sitcom – F.R.I.E.N.D.S anyone? A light and fun atmosphere keep everybody’s spirits up and the whole moving process less stressful. Make sure to take short rest breaks for food and water too.

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