The Aftermath: What tasks should you prioritize right after you move in to your new home?

Success! You have moved in to your new home. I hate to be a buzzkill but you still have a lot of things to do. Here’s a helpful guide on the essential things that you need to do right after you move in to your new home.

Get the bug spray out

The perfect time to spray for bugs is right after you move in to your new home, before you start unpacking. Spray any areas that might have bugs in them, like cupboards, cabinets, the bathroom and under the sink.

Set up the beds

After a long day of moving and unpacking, you will definitely want to look forward to having a comfortable bed to sleep in. Let’s face it, you might even want to take a quick nap in between unpacking your stuff, right?

Unpack the kitchen

Another essential part of getting your home set up, especially for the following day is to unpack the kitchen. If you have too much kitchen stuff, just get the essentials out – appliances, cookware, dishes and utensils that you use on a regular basis.


This is just a quick task and it’s an opportunity for you to take a quick break from unpacking. Have some coffee while you make a list of what you need to stock up your fridge and pantry. Get the essential items that you’ll need over the next few days. It would also be a good idea to plan meals that you can either cook quickly or leave on the stove while you unpack more boxes. Another tip is to meal prep for the next few days so all you have to do is heat them up.

Set up shelves in the garage

If you already have seasonal items, baby clothes, camping gear, and other stuff packed away in bins to be stored in your garage, it will be convenient to have shelves ready for them to be stacked in, right? You will have cleared up tons of space in your home after doing this.

Change of address

Write this task down on a sticky note and stick it on the fridge or have an alarm set up so you won’t forget to do this part. Check out our blog about who you need to notify about your change of address. New school

After unpacking the essentials, it’s time to make sure that your kids are set up for their new school. Apart from registering, you need to shop for school supplies. If you move in the middle of the school year, it would still be like the first day of school for them, sit them down to ease any “first day” concerns that they might have.

New doctors

If you didn’t get around to doing this before you move, do it after you’ve settled in a little bit. It would probably help if you were also able to secure any records from your old doctors to make the transition easier. Start looking for a new pediatrician, dentist, ophthalmologist, etc., and schedule any necessary check-ups or appointments.

Sort out your new budget

Apart from any change in your rent or mortgage, as well as utility bills, you would also need to consider different due dates for payments and changes in prices of other things that you spend on since you will need to shop at different stores if there are no generic stores around your new place. Make sure to plan out your new budget and timeline.

Meet your new neighbors

While there are neighbors who are quick to come over and introduce themselves (some will probably bring you a housewarming gift), it’s important to be proactive and introduce yourself. Doing this shows them the nice, approachable, and friendly neighbor that you truly are.


Once you’re all settled in, it’s time to celebrate and bring some positive, fun energy into your new home!