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How to go on a no-buy month

By |October 18th, 2018|

How to go on a no-buy month

Going on a no-buy period basically means giving your wallet a rest from all the unnecessary consumer products that you just to be “needs” rather than wants. Some are actually considered a luxury to some people. An easy way to start is by doing this practice for a whole month. Once you’re eased in, you might find yourself wanting to do it for a longer stretch of time. Now how would you begin to go on a no-buy month? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.


Don’t buy anything that is NOT a necessity


Daily lattes, new shoes, purses, makeup and skincare products that you want to “try out” when you still have stuff that you need to go through, fancy manicures, weekly bar tabs are not a necessity. They’re more of a luxury.


Back to basics


Spend your money on what is necessary to go about your day, like groceries, bills, payment for the babysitter, gas money, business expenses and the like.


Getting cash


Make a budget and figure out how much cash you really need for the week. Go to the ATM only once a week. You’ll also find that you save on fees by doing this, so you’re more likely to retain this habit even after your no-buy month.


Spread the word


You’ll be easily tempted to spend on what you don’t need if you don’t tell people about what you’re trying to do. It won’t be that hard – just tell friends, family, and co-workers that you’re going on a no-buy if they ask you why you didn’t buy anything from the new collection released by Colourpop or why you didn’t join them last week for a night out. They’re more likely to join you in what you’re doing once they learn about how much you’re saving.


Go Green!


Recycle, upcycle, reuse and repurpose. Take one or two reusable shopping bags with you when you go to the grocery store, separate recyclables, repurpose jars as containers so won’t have to buy new ones, and do DIY projects every week. You’ll serve as a great example to your kids, friends and your community.

You’ll be surprised by how your habits are changed for the better. You’ll learn to prioritize your necessities more, curb cravings (probably lose weight), have better self-control, and save money overall.

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How to build an emergency fund

By |August 17th, 2018|

How to Build an Emergency Fund: Tips and tricks to get you started!


What is an emergency fund? It’s money that you have set aside to use for unexpected events and circumstances that life throws at you so you won’t take a big hit for it and you can still maintain your normal lifestyle. Here are some tips on how you can get started on building your emergency fund.

Don’t Get Overwhelmed: Start low on your initial target amount
Setting too high of a goal can easily make you disheartened to continue saving up. Start on a more reasonable amount of just $500 or $1000.

That’s a goal that you can reach in just a few months (or even less if you’re in a good income situation) and yet it’s an amount that can make a huge difference when you have an emergency. Having you get to that initial goal will make you feel like you can continue saving up and feel even better about the idea of setting money aside.

What you’d want to do next is to break that goal down into smaller pieces. Set aside money on a weekly basis. This is money that you are not likely to miss, or money that you have extra from cutting back on splurges like lattes and other unnecessary purchases. You’ll find yourself with an emergency fund with a bigger amount without you even noticing it. Say you save $25 a week, you will then have a $250 emergency fund in just ten weeks, so you can set that as your overall goal, or increase it to $40 a week, which would bring you to the $500 goal in three months.

Bottomline is, your goal amount should challenge you just a bit, but should not be a number that’s simply unreachable.

Where can you get extra funds?

Request a rate reduction on your credit cards

If you’re carrying a credit card balance, getting your interest rate reduced will directly save you money each month. Call the number on the back of your credit card, ask to speak to a supervisor, and simply request that the rate be reduced. Suggest that you’re considering transferring your balance off of your credit card. You might also want to consider transferring that balance to a card with no interest for transfers, which can help you pay off that debt faster.

Make a Shopping List

Make a list before you shop. This is most commonly applicable when going to the grocery. When you go rogue and shop without a list, that is when you typically end up making impulse buys – stuff that you don’t actually need and will eventually go to waste.

Give Up or Transform one splurge per month

Instead of going out for an expensive dinner once a month, turn that dinner into a meal prepared at home. You’ll save more by preparing your own fancy dinner, you get to control the salt, sugar and fat that goes into your food, plus you learn and master new recipes. More feathers on your hat! Instead of going to an expensive coffee shop, why not brew yourself a cup of coffee in the morning, and take another cup with you when you go to work. You’ll save more money and rid yourself of the temptation of buying something that’s more sugar and whipped cream than real coffee. You could still maybe treat yourself to a cup once a month, if you really miss it.

Cut back on unnecessary monthly bills
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Netflix and magazine subscriptions? Check if you’re really using them. Otherwise, cut them out of your monthly spending budget. Are you paying for premium cable channels that you never watch? Are you subscribed to five monthly subscription boxes but only get good stuff out of two of them? You know what to do.

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