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By |October 13th, 2018|

Moving Tips for Her

There’s probably no need to check statistics on who takes up the most closet and storage space in most households. So it’s especially hard for us to pack when you have to move to your new home. Perhaps you need to relocate or have just struck the gold mine and checked one of your goals on your list – owning your own house. Sharing is caring, so here are some targeted packing tips for women to ensure a more efficient and organized move.

Let it go

I don’t mean that song from Frozen that kids keep singing over and over. But yeah, you can sing this it while you’re doing this step. You do you! Remember that scene from the first Sex and the City movie where Carrie’s packing her stuff to move in with Mr. Big on their lush penthouse? And yes, Carrie probably has more clothes in her wardrobe than all of us combined. Good thing Charlotte had good sense and thought about organizing which of Carrie’s clothing items should be kept for the move, and which ones should be tossed. So you get where I’m getting at, right? It’s hard, but it has to be done. Go through your wardrobe and check which ones should be kept and which ones should be tossed. For those that will be “tossed”, you can maybe set up a garage sale to make extra cash, box up those ones you haven’t used for a rainy day when you need emergency gifts, or donate them. Think of it as finding a new home for your old Burberry sweater. Queue teardrop rolling down your left cheek.


If you don’t have the right bag or storage bin to actually protect your makeup from being damaged during the move, might as well take extra precaution rather than just tossing them in a box. Put cosmetic cotton pads inside compacts and palettes for that needed cushion to prevent them from breaking. For eyeliners, brow and lip pencils, bundle them up in rubber bands and wrap them up in plastic wrap. Tape it up real nice so they’re more secure. This goes the same for your precious lipstick collection. I know I speak for every one of us when I say that one of our worst nightmares is finding uncapped liners and lippies when we’re unpacking. The horror! As for liquid items like liquid foundation and body bronzers, uncap them and similar items, place saran wrap on top of the mouth of the bottle, and re-cap. Let’s throw your skincare regimen in there too, plus your lotions, shampoos, and bath gels.

Shoes and Bags

If you have shoes that you need to have repaired, make sure you’ve had them repaired before moving. Otherwise, you might risk doing more damage to your favorite boots while they’re being moved from one place to another. Invest in items to keep the form of your pricier shoes, like those buildable shoe trees or those cylindrical foams for your boots. For frugal input, you may use newspapers to stuff inside your less expensive shoes to keep their form and cut pool noodles for your boots. For bags, newspapers will come in handy too. Stuff newspaper inside bags to keep their form before packing them in boxes.


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