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Cross-country move

By |September 11th, 2018|

Cross-Country Move? Let go of these things to make the process easier.

Moving across the country is stressful enough as it is. So it’s really important that you don’t let more stress pile on like lugging along boxes of excess stuff with you when you know that the reality is you’ve never used these things in years – and probably never will. Save time and money, and most importantly, unnecessary stress by getting rid of excess stuff first. The less you have to pack, the quicker and cheaper the entire move will be. Let alone the unpacking! Here are 70 things that you should get rid of before a cross-country move.



  1. Appliances you haven’t used in two years
  2. Extra sets of knives
  3. Cracked or chipped dishes
  4. Seldom used kitchen tools and utensils
  5. Small kitchen appliances that you don’t really use on the regular
  6. Cookbooks – there are lots of recipes online!
  7. Extra water bottles, tumblers, and travel mugs
  8. Expired or unused spices, teas, and condiments


Basement or Garage

  1. Old rusty tools that you no longer use
  2. Scrap wood
  3. Old Paint
  4. Surplus construction materials, like insulation, plywood, etc.
  5. Extra camping gear
  6. Extra gardening supplies
  7. Old car maintenance supplies
  8. Attachments or parts to appliances you no longer have
  9. Furniture you have stowed away and never use
  10. Old yard decor you never use
  11. Anything broke that you never got around to fixing



  1. Expired makeup and skincare products
  2. Makeup and skincare samples you swore you’d try out but never did
  3. Products you’ve used once or twice but never really liked
  4. Dingy shower curtains
  5. Expired medicine, vitamins, and other supplements
  6. Old beauty tools that you don’t use, like an old hair dryer or curling iron
  7. Nearly empty bath and shower products you’ve been trying to get the last bit out of but never did

image2 Photo Credit: cleaningquotes.co.nz

Linen Closet

  1. Old towels – donate them to animal shelters
  2. Old sheets, Extra blankets, comforters, and quilts
  3. Old sewing supplies you don’t use.


Home Office

  1. Extra wrapping paper
  2. Old expired contracts
  3. Surplus office supplies
  4. Junk mail
  5. Old diaries or planners
  6. Old calendars
  7. Finished notebooks
  8. Old cassettes, CDs, and DVDs that can be turned into a digital copy.
  9. Old office furniture that you don’t use or that is uncomfortable.



  1. Surplus clothes
  2. Jewelry that you don’t really like – sell them!
  3. Jewelry with broken clasps or are missing a pair
  4. Torn jeans that are beyond repair
  5. Accessories you no longer use, like scarves, handbags, and purses
  6. Socks and underwear with holes in them
  7. Clothes that no longer fit
  8. Shoes you never wear – donate or sell them!
  9. Shoes that are beyond repair
  10. Broken hangers
  11. Scraps of fabric you have stowed away in a bin somewhere in your closet
  12. Old shoe boxes


Living Room

  1. Newspapers
  2. Old picture frames you no longer like
  3. Books you’re never going to read
  4. Lamps that don’t work
  5. Old throw pillows
  6. Worn out rugs
  7. Board games with missing pieces
  8. Broken kids’ toys that are beyond repair

image1 Photo Credit: ballarddesigns.com

Entryway or Hall Closet

  1. Extra hats and visors and caps
  2. Old raincoats and rain boots
  3. Old or broken umbrellas
  4. Coats that no longer fit or are out of style



  1. Extra suitcases and overnight or duffle bags
  2. Broken furniture
  3. Old school items and schoolwork
  4. Sentimental stuff that you don’t need to bring with you – take pictures if you’re having a hard time letting them go
  5. Broken Christmas lights and other holiday decors
  6. College textbooks and reports
  7. Old mattresses and old pillows
  8. Old or broken sporting goods

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