A Closer Look at Moving to a New Home


On our “How to deal with moving to a new home” blog post, I concentrated more on the basics of what needs to be prepared when moving to a new home. I only discussed about the whole packing milieu in passing, so I felt that I owe a little bit more on that particular detail. So here it goes, the spotlight now belongs to those small packing details that we tend to neglect when preparing for a move.

Hit two birds with one stone

When packing breakables, such as plates, bowls, and glasses, you may want to consider using clothes to individually wrap them. That is if you’re not that anal and you really want to save up on bubble wrap. This way, you get to save more money on not having to buy so much bubble wrap. I for one only use bubble wrap on my high-priced breakables. Also, you get to pack two things at once, clothes and breakables. As for your stemware and silverware, you may want to use socks – CLEAN socks, please! Again, you get to pack clothes and kitchen stuff. Nifty, right?

Drawers = Packed Box

Okay, a bit of context first before this bit. We all have a “thing” or “miscellaneous” drawer, right? I know I do. It’s that drawer with random items that shouldn’t necessarily be together, like screws, loose change, scissors, rubber bands, etc. Now that I’ve got that covered, if your bureaus and drawers are already organized, and it’s not a “thing” drawer, then you can consider that part of the room packed. Don’t put yourself up to more unpacking if you don’t really have to box up the contents of your drawers. This will definitely put you up for more work especially if your drawers have clothes in them.

Imagine unnecessarily packing and unpacking clothes all over again. Not to mention having to fold and arrange them again. Imagine having to arrange clothes by color, season, and purpose all over again. Oops, I went too far, didn’t I? The point is, let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that we’ll unpack and organize everything in one day. Going back, all you have to do now to secure your drawers is to reach for your handy roll of stretch wrap. You can get these in hardware or DIY stores. This way, your drawers won’t open while they’re being transported to your new home. All you have to do when they’ve been unloaded is to place them in the right room and unwrap. Definitely save your time and effort!

Cut down on boxes

Make your laundry bins, baskets, hampers, large bags, and suitcases work for you. I mean these things are essentially empty when you’re not using them. So why pack a bunch of empty and bulky items when you can use them to pack stuff too, right? If you have wheeled suitcases, they’re great for packing heavier items like books. I for one, packed used clothes inside my washing machine when we moved. That’s where they’re gonna go anyway after we’ve settled in, so why not make them “settled in” themselves?
Small = Heavy, Large = Light

Put heavier items like books on smaller boxes, and light items on big boxes. This makes moving a lot easier. Boxes can only take so much weight, so if you put heavier items on large boxes, chances are, the bottom of the box will give in to all the weight of its contents, making the move a lot harder, and puts you up to more chances of your stuff breaking. Another tip is to avoid mixing items from different rooms as this will make unpacking a lot harder.

Lastly, photos

Take photos of where all the wires go on your appliances so you won’t have to go all haywire yourself when you set them up in your new home. Another item on your list should be photos of your cleaned up old place, as well as photos of your new place before you move in. You’ll never know how much “photo evidence” will help you with your security deposit.

So there you go. I hope I helped you out a little more with these tips. Happy moving! If you need a little seed money to help you with the expenses of moving, call 1(844)651-5144 and get a car title loan today! Only the best at Sabre Lending, LLC.