18 Must-Haves for Keeping your Home Organized

Let’s face it, cleaning and decluttering is just step one. The key to a clean and organized home is to keep clutter from building up again. Here are some amazing items that you need in your home to keep it just as neat as it was when you finished organizing everything!

Keep your coffee pods organized without sacrificing space


Featured Product: Mind Reader Coffee Pod Storage Drawer


Keep your desk organized with this charging station


Featured Product: Stock Your Home Electronics Charging Station


You’ll feel like a grown-up with your wines and wine glasses all neatly organized


Featured Product: Crate and Barrel Wine Stem Rack


Keep your garage organized with these tool hooks


Featured Product: Elfa Utility Straight Handled Tool Hook


Keep your cleaning supplies organized with this expandable under sink organizer


Featured Product: Iris Expandable Under Sink Organizer


For smaller kitchens with limited counter space – use the wall!


Featured Product: Ikea Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Rack


Keep all your keys together with this compact key organizer


Featured Product: KeySmart


Utilize the vertical space of your counter tops with this 3 tiered bowl. Use it to store store fruits and vegetables too!


Featured Product: Fozzils Twistfold Party Bowls (3 Tiers)


What do you do with the space that’s left under your cabinet shelves? Utilize it!


Featured Product: The Container Store – Undershelf Baskets


An over-the door shoe rack to keep your shoes organized and free-up space in your coat closet


Featured Product: Whitmor Over The Door Shoe Rack


A mirrored jewelry armoire that fits right over your door. Talk about space-saving!


Featured Product: Best Choice Products Mirrored Jewelry Armoire


A mirrored jewelry armoire that fits right over your door. Talk about space-saving!


Featured Product: Wonder Hanger


For your ties, belts and tank tops


Featured Product: POW 2 Pack Updated Twirl Tie Rack


Keep your fridge organized with these clear bins


Featured Product: Greenco 6 Piece Refrigerator and Freezer Stackable Storage Organizer Bins


Vacuum seal bags for bulky comforters and seasonal clothes


Featured Product: SpaceSaver Premium Reusable Vacuum Storage Bags


A sports equipment organizer to keep all balls, gloves and rackets in one place


Featured Product: Lynk Sports Rack


Use every bit of space with this slide-out storage tower


Featured Product: Ideaworks Slide Out Storage Tower


Sick of tangled cords and losing your phone in the limbo that’s the inside of your purse?


Featured Product: Cocoon Grid-IT Organizer

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