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Living in California and interested in applying for a car title loan but you currently don’t have your vehicle title? Apply at Sabre Lending Car Title Loans and we will cater to your auto title loan needs. We offer flexible monthly payments of 24 to 44 monthly payments with starting amount of $2510 and secured equity of your car.

These are the scenarios that you can get a title loan even if you have no title provided that you are the current registered owner.

Lost Title:
We can process request for a duplicate title with DMV together with adding us as a lienholder.  So, you do not have to wait for DMV to issue the title, you can get approved and funded right away or on that same day that you apply for a car title loan with us.

Existing auto loan:
If you have an existing auto loan and only have a few payments left or small balance left on your auto loan, we may be able to get you approved for a car title loan provided that there is enough equity on your vehicle.

Existing auto title loan:
We can process refinancing your existing auto title loan for a better rate and/or even give you additional money.

Waiting on your title to arrive in the mail:
We can get you started with the application and it is better to submit all required documents so that we will be ready to fund you once your original title or pink slip arrives.

If you do not have your title for other reasons not stated above, it is better to still inquire with us to see if your vehicle qualifies. Our loan officer can discuss with you if we can help you get a car title loan and will request necessary documents.

Sabre Lending Car Title Loans believes in the saying that customers come first. We perfectly understand how important it is for our customers to travel in comfort that our customers can use and drive vehicles even if they still have existing auto title loan. Our loans are simple interest loans so you only get charged interest on your principal balance.  There is also no prepayment penalty on your car title loans which gives you the option to pay off your loan earlier without incurring additional costs.

Call Sabre Lending Car Title Loans now at 1 (844) 651-5144. We also have another option where in you can inquire online and fill out our Free Estimate Loans form. All you have to do is supply your basic contact and vehicle information and we will check if your vehicle qualifies for an auto title loan, and our loan officer will contact you immediately. What is even more exciting is that we can fund you right away the moment you are approved or on that same day. We can also normally answer your inquiries even after office hours or even on the weekends.

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