How to change a flat tire

Need help in changing a tire? Here is a step-by-step guide on fixing a flat tire.

First is to locate the spare tire, jack, warning device and wheel wrench inside your car. They are usually under a rug the trunk. If you have a larger car, the spare tire may be under the vehicle/rear exterior.

Place the early warning device at least 10 meters away from your car towards the approaching traffic. Next is to grab the wheel wrench to the wheel nut of your flat tire, and force your foot counterclockwise (or clockwise depends on some brands) to loosen the screw. There will be a minimum of 4 screws (up to 8 depending on your vehicle)

Then take the jack and use the available items on your tools to turn or pump the jack.

Position the jack at the bottom edge of your vehicle (refer to your manual or check the jack for an image as a reference) and lift the car. With the jack suspended and the wheel spinning off the ground, it’s time to remove the wheel from the car.

TIP: Put the spare tire under the car (in case of the car jack slips) it won’t cause an accident.

Use the wheel wrench to loosen the bolts completely and removing the wheel. Once you have removed the tires, place the flat wheel under the car. Remove the spare wheel under the car and snap it into the car.

Hand-tighten the screws (to make sure you have placed the screws properly) and tighten them with the wheel wrench.

Remove the wheel that was serving as shim then lower the jack. This time rotate the other way or release the pressure.

To completely tighten the bolts, use the wheel wrench, tightening it with the foot to secure all the bolts.

Now you are done! All you need to do now is to return all the tools you used. And in case you need a new set of tires and short in cash, apply for a car title loan now with Sabre Lending LLC.

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