Everybody talks about mothers and how hard their tasks are. Since it is dad’s special day, let us talk about daddy and why he is just as awesome!

• He is the one in the delivery room with mom during labor, and getting yelled at while he stays calm, hold mom’s hand and gives her all the comfort that she needs. He also gets to see all the bloody mess while he tells mom, “Honey you’re doing great, keep pushing, I can see the baby’s head.”
• He has to put up with all the crazy mood swings and emotional roller coaster of mom during and after pregnancy. He spoils her with all her food cravings and makes sure she gets all the nutrition that she needs.
• He takes care of the trash, sink and toilet clog, and a lot of the maintenance work at home.
• He doesn’t have the breast to stop an infant from crying so when the bottle is not working and mom is asleep, he tries to be creative by going to the bathroom, turning on the fan (white noise) while he walks and swings the baby to sleep.
• He is most of the time the designated driver.
• He has a sore back because the kids want horsey rides and they want to do it all at the same time.
• He eats all the leftovers because he wants to make sure mom’s cooking is very much appreciated.
• He works hard and even works harder when mommy is taking time off for maternity or even quits her job to take care of the kids.
• He goes to the grocery with mom’s list of items to buy and he listens to her complaints if he forgets something. Sometimes, he even has to go back to the market after hearing all the complaints.
• He is in charge of celebrating Valentine’s and anniversaries and he better has a good plan.
• He likes to make things simple and easy. So, he doesn’t like to make the bed that will be used again for the night. He reuses his clothes before putting those in laundry. When he is in charge of the kids, they wear their pajamas all day. Yet, he gets scolded for making things easy.
• He makes a fool of himself because the kids enjoy it and thinks it’s very funny.
• He leaves the decision of where to go and what to eat up to mom because he wants her to be happy but sometimes it backfires and she thinks she just doesn’t care.
• He likes to be calm, relaxed and easy going but he is mistaken for having no emotions.
• While mom talks about stuff, he appears to not pay attention but the truth is he is listening to her carefully and absorbing what she is saying, and that is why he is not talking back.
• When the family goes out of town and mom packs the whole house, he doesn’t complain and he loads everything into the car. When they come back home from out of town and mom buys more stuff, he has to carry everything again back to the house.

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