Clearing your home from fleas

We love our pets but we definitely love our family. A flea infestation can ruin your harmonious lives with your pets. So let us resolve this by clearing your homes from fleas.

Remove your pet’s flea- Bath your pets with a pet shampoo. Let the foam rest on your dog let it stay within a few minutes to drown out the fleas. Then bathe, most will die not all and remember the eggs will still survive.

To kill the eggs and catch the surviving fleas, you can use a flea comb (you can purchase from pet shops and in case you cannot find them, you can use those combs designed for humans). Combing with a flea comb will clear the remaining fleas and eggs. When using a flea comb, have at least a pale of water to drown the remaining fleas. Make sure you soak those fleas to kill them.

What I can suggest for you to try is to rinse your pet again with apple cider vinegar. This can help your pet’s pH level and this is bad news to those fleas.

Remember: You should clean your home to clear them. Plant lemongrass, peppermint, rosemary and sage as they help repel fleas from your property. And in case you need professional help in clearing your home, you can apply for a car title loan and keep driving your car with Sabre Lending LLC.

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