Cleaning Hacks: Moving to a new place? Give your old home a good cleaning job before you part with it.

Get your deposit back! Use these cleaning hacks before you move out of your old rental. Honestly, most of these tips are really good hacks for keeping your house clean too, so don’t leave just yet and read on.

Soap + Nail Holes

Fill nail holes using Dove soap or any similar soft bath soap. Rub it in nail holes in a circular motion to ensure that they are fully filled.

Fill nail holes using Dove soap or any similar soft bath soap. Rub it in nail holes in a circular motion to ensure that they are fully filled.

WD-40 + Crayon drawings

Did your kids use your walls as a coloring book? Spray some WD-40 onto the marks and wipe with a clean rag. WD-40 will not damage the paint or most wallpaper (test fabric or other fancy wall coverings first). It will also remove marker and crayon marks from furniture and appliances.

Dryer Sheets + Baseboards

Wiping your baseboards with dryer sheets is amazing at repelling dust and keeping them clean!

Vinegar + an old sock = Clean Blinds

Mix equal parts of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, spray it on the blinds, slip on an old sock on your hand, and wipe down each individual slat on the blinds. Easy! The vinegar and water solution will not really smell that much, but if you’re sensitive to smells, you can mix in a few drops of your favorite essential oil too.

Turtle Wax = Clean Vents

Clean your vents and keep them clean for a longer time! Remove the vents and wash them with soapy water, rinse and let them dry. Once they’re dry, use a soft, clean cloth and apply turtle wax generously, just like you would when waxing your car. After the vent has been completely covered, buff off the wax.

Hydrogen peroxide + Water + Lemon Essential Oil = No More Carpet Stains

Get stains off of your carpet by mixing 1 part Hydrogen peroxide, 2 parts water and 5 drops of lemon essential oil. Here’s how it works, Hydrogen peroxide breaks down stains and the lemon oil helps release any sticky residues. Spray a generous amount of the solution on your carpet, let it sit for a few minutes, then use a brush to loosen the fibers a bit. Repeat this process as necessary. Adjust the mixture by adding more water if your carpet is darker. Extra tip: You can also use this solution to clean upholstered furniture.

Vinegar + Baking Soda = Clean Dishwasher

Here’s a cheaper alternative to clean your dishwasher! First, check the dishwasher’s drain area and make sure there are no hard waste materials that can plug the drain, cause damage to the pump or scratch dishes. Next, place a dishwasher-safe cup filled with white vinegar on the top rack of your dishwasher. Run the dishwasher for one cycle using the hottest water setting. What this does is to help to wash away grease and grime, as well as sanitize and help remove any musty odor. After the vinegar cycle finishes, sprinkle a handful of baking soda around the bottom of the dishwasher. Run it through a short cycle using the hottest water setting. Baking soda is a great deodorizing agent, so this will help further deodorize your dishwasher and help in removing any stains.

Lemon + Vinegar = Clean Microwave Oven

Take a lemon, slice it up and put the lemon slices in a bowl. Add a splash of white vinegar, set the microwave oven on high and cook for 5 minutes. After the 5 minutes of cook time is up, let the bowl sit inside the microwave oven for a few more minutes. Remove the bowl and wipe the inside of your microwave oven with a damp cloth. The previously stuck-on food should just slough off easily leaving you with a clean and fresh-smelling microwave oven! Plus, this cleaning trick doesn’t involve using any harsh chemicals, so neat, right?

Baking Soda + Dish Soap + Vinegar + Lemon Juice = Clean Oven

It looks like a lot, but you will be proud of yourself after doing this. Mix a few drops of dish soap, juice of 1 lemon, 4 tablespoons of baking soda, and 5 tablespoons of baking soda into a paste. Make sure to add the vinegar slowly and carefully to avoid making a mess – we all know how the volcano science experiment thing works right? Slather on the paste inside the oven, including the oven window and let it soak for a few hours. Scrub the dirtier parts using a sponge and use a damp cloth to wipe off the mixture until it’s all gone.

Cream of Tartar + Water = Shiny Stainless Steel

Get stainless steel surfaces, cookware and flatware to shine by using a paste made with cream of tartar and some water.

Baking Soda + Vinegar + Lemon Juice = Clean Grout

Dirty Grout? Mix 7 cups of water, 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/3 cup of lemon juice and 1/4 cup vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on dirty grout, leave it on for about 1 hour, then scrub the dirt away with a brush.

Vinegar + Lemon Essential Oil = Clean Shower Head

Clean your shower head on a weekend with this easy hack. Take a plastic bag and fill it with white vinegar. Just eyeball the amount, but essentially, you’ll want the shower head to be submerged in vinegar. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the plastic bag with vinegar and submerge the shower head in it. Use a rubber band to hold the bag in place. Leave it in there overnight (that’s why it would be better to do it on a weekend), take the shower head off the bag in the morning and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. Run the shower for a minute or two to make sure that any residue is washed away.

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