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How to change a flat tire

Need help in changing a tire? Here is a step-by-step guide on fixing a flat tire. First is to locate the spare tire, jack, warning device and wheel wrench inside your car. They are usually under a rug the trunk. If you have a larger car, the spare tire may be under the vehicle/rear exterior. […]

Clearing your home from fleas

We love our pets but we definitely love our family. A flea infestation can ruin your harmonious lives with your pets. So let us resolve this by clearing your homes from fleas. Remove your pet’s flea- Bath your pets with a pet shampoo. Let the foam rest on your dog let it stay within a […]

The importance of your car tires

The tire is one of the most important elements that make up the vehicle. It comes into direct contact with the road and whose function is to provide the necessary grip and traction when accelerating and braking. However, the passage of time and wear are decreasing their performance, which requires replacing them so that the […]

Buying an old car

When searching for a used car, remember that you need to be wise enough (car knowledge) to check all the details of the car or else you will end up spending more than getting a good deal (like our deals for car title loans with Sabre Lending LLC). There is no need to rush. Check […]

Referral Programs

AGENT REFERRAL Simply fill out this application form below and we will immediately contact the customer. You will get paid for every loan that gets approved and funded. If you need more information about our referral program, please call us at (323) 284-5962 or email us at

10 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas

10 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas The Star Wars sage is one of the most epic movie sagas of all time to adults and kids alike. Since the holidays are just a few months away, we’ve curated 10 of the coolest and unique Star Wars themed gifts that you can get for anyone on your […]

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