Stress-Free Decluttering: The 30-Day Declutter Challenge


Decluttering your home all in one go will surely take a toll on you. If you think about it, even decluttering just one portion of a home can be overwhelming. Taking this task and making it more manageable in a 30-day period plan could work better and is guaranteed to be a lot less stressful.

Depending on how your home is set up and what your hobbies and interests are, the items or rooms that need more attention will vary. Single women might focus on decluttering clothes, shoes, makeup and similar items as oppose to a mother of two kids who loves to cook and do DIY projects. There’s still some items that are common ground in every home, like the “thing” drawer or a junk drawer – you know that drawer where you put any random item in? Yes, that one. Here are some suggestions for a 30-day decluttering project, the list is definitely customizable depending on where you want to focus the decluttering and organization of the areas in your home.

Clean out one junk drawer – it will still be a junk drawer, but you have to make room for the new junk you will put in there.

Purge closets of things that haven’t been worn in over a year. This also includes clothing items that are beyond repair.

Organize the clothes that are left.

Clean off your TV stand or end table.

Go through your mail pile.

Go through your magazines and clear out old issues.

Discard old books – donate them.

Purge two kitchen cabinets. You can start with the tupperware cabinet or drawer.

Clean out your wallet. Old receipts, discount cards or coupons that you no longer use, etc.

DAY 10
Clean out your purse(s)/bags.

DAY 11
Go through your makeup drawer or makeup bag and throw out expired items. Set aside ones that don’t match your color or items that you don’t reach for. Give them away to friends and family.

DAY 12
Organize your linen closet.

DAY 13
Go through your shoe rack. Check for shoes that need to be fixed and throw away those that are beyond repair.

DAY 14
Clean out almost empty or empty containers in the bathroom/shower.

DAY 15
Purge your bathroom cabinets. Throw out expired items.

DAY 16
Purge your medicine cabinet. Throw out expired medicine, gauze, vitamins, etc.

DAY 17
Check your refrigerator and throw out old items.

DAY 18
Clear off your kitchen counters. The only items that should remain there are the ones that you regularly use.

DAY 19
Empty another junk drawer.

DAY 20
Go through pantry/kitchen cabinets with food items and throw out old food.

DAY 21
Go through your spice rack or condiments rack and throw out old or empty ones.

DAY 22
Have your kids help you in picking out toys that they no longer like. Sell them at a garage sale or donate them.

DAY 23
Organize toys that are left. Have your kids help out with this activity too, so they know where everything should go after they’re done playing with them.

DAY 24
Throw out craft projects that you haven’t finished in 6 months. If you’re certain that you will be able to work on some projects before the year ends, organize them and make sure that you organize them better and get a better storage system so they don’t end up as clutter.

DAY 25
Sort the items in your garage. Which ones should be thrown out? Which ones could be sold? Which ones are you keeping?

DAY 26
Garage day 2: Organize what’s left in your garage. Hang tools in peg boards, sort similar items in sturdy bins and put power tools in a storage cabinet with locks – especially if you have kids.

DAY 27
Clean out your car.

DAY 28
Organize and discard empty/worn out cleaning supplies.

DAY 29
Organize/clean out pet supplies.

DAY 30
Clean the house or (if you’re comfortable with it) hire someone to clean it for you. You’d probably want to take this time to reward yourself for a job well done.

When you’re done and your home is as organized as it’s ever been, it’s highly recommended that you and other people in your home take steps in making sure that the house is always clean and free of clutter. Check out this blog about never having to clean your house again. You’ve worked too hard to have your house be a mess again!

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