10 Unique Star Wars Gift Ideas

The Star Wars sage is one of the most epic movie sagas of all time to adults and kids alike. Since the holidays are just a few months away, we’ve curated 10 of the coolest and unique Star Wars themed gifts that you can get for anyone on your life who lives and breathes Star Wars – or maybe for yourself.

Start the morning right

Start each morning with this R2-D2 coffee press. Or maybe give it to someone on your gift giving list and combine their love of coffee and Star Wars.

Featured Product: Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press

A strong force

Got a friend who’s a health nut? Get this light saber immersion blender and amaze them with its strong force in making their morning smoothies!

Featured Product: Star Wars Darth Vader Light Saber Handheld Immersion Blender

For the most loyal person in your life

Ask anyone who they think is the most loyal character in the Star Wars saga and you will most certainly get the same answer everytime, Chewbacca! Keep them safe while looking cool as ever with this car seat belt cover.

Featured Product: Star Wars Chewbelta

“Buy this you must”

For the avid cook, get this nice wood cutting board with embossed with Yoda’s wisdom. A definite must-have!

Featured Product: Star Wars Cutting Board

For the meanest baker

A silicone Darth Vader oven mitt? Yes please! They will surely make some Vader hand gestures after getting cupcakes out of the oven.

Featured Product: Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Oven Mitt

An awesome travel buddy

This R2-D2 car charger is the best travel buddy for any Star Wars fan! You’ll feel like you’re flying an X-Wing everytime!

Featured Product: Star Wars R2-D2 USB Car Charger

A timely gift

They’ll relive this epic scene everytime they check the time! Maybe scream “Nooo!” when they realize that they’re late for an appointment too.

Featured Product: Star Wars Vinyl Clock

Who loves Monopoly?

A great gift idea for both kids and adults who love playing Monopoly! A fun time shared with friends and family is always time well spent.

Featured Product: Hasbro Monopoly Game – Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition

An epic night light!

Get this Millennium Falcon LED lamp for anyone who needs an amazing cover-up for their fear of the dark.

Featured Product: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Lamp


Get the DVD box set for you or for anyone in your life who loves to binge-watch the whole saga almost like a tradition!

Featured Product: Star Wars – The Complete Saga Episodes I-VI


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