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What You Need To Know About Car Title Loan

Car title loan also known as auto title loan or pink slip loan is a personal loan that is secured by the equity of your vehicle.  You get to keep and drive your car.

Car title loan process is fast and simple. Get your money today!

Get the most money of your vehicle and the best rate on your car title loan from Sabre Lending.  You may be eligible to borrow $2,510 and up to $50,000 against your vehicle (including RV, motorcycle and classic car).  You may also be eligible to borrow for more than the value of your vehicle for the basic loan amount of $2,510.

Your terms may be for 24 to 44 months that makes your monthly payments affordable and manageable.

No prepayment penalty and no hidden costs. You can pay off your loan anytime.

Your car title loan is a simple interest loan.  You will only get charged interest on the principal balance of your loan unlike compound interest loan that charges interest on your principal balance plus any unpaid interest.

Gold Loan Program

Sabre Lending LLC is proud to announce its new product, Gold Loan Program.  This program offers reduced rates and a streamlined verification process for qualified customers.

*The maximum APR for our Gold Loan Program is 35.99% for all qualified customers.

*Gold Loan Program amount starts at $5,500.00 with a term of 24 to 44 months. Most Gold Loan Program will be charged an administration fee (origination fee) in the amount ranging from $262.00 up to 5% of amount financed.

For a typical Gold Loan Program amount of $5,500 with an APR of 35.50% and a 40 month term, the monthly payment is $236.34 and the total scheduled interest is $3,953.72.  The interest on the loan may vary depending on the timing of the payments made.  There is no prepayment penalty which means you can pay off your loan anytime without incurring any penalty, and you will only get charged interest during the time that you have an outstanding balance.

*Subject to specific underwriting criteria and ability to pay. In order to qualify, customers must have a FICO score of at least 600. Other restrictions apply. Not all applications will be approved.

Car Title Loans Online

Car title loans online is a convenient and efficient option for you to send your auto title loans inquiry online any time without having to call us or wait for us to answer your phone call. By sending you auto title loans inquiry online, we can check right away if your vehicle qualifies and this could lessen the approval process time.

Your information is safe and secure when you use our car title loans online inquiry or free loan estimate form. Car title loans online allows you to inquire or start your auto title loan process online. You may also chat with us online if you have any questions about auto title loans. Car title loans online makes the process simple and easy, and you can get your money faster this way too. Our loan officer will contact you shortly once we receive and check that your vehicle qualifies for an auto title loan. If your car title loans online inquiry is submitted after office hours, then you will be contacted in the morning of the next business day. When our loan officer contacts you, you can get approved for a car title loan in that one easy phone call.

Car title loans online makes auto title loans inquiry available to you anytime. We understand that your time is important and we want to help you out with your emergency and financial needs as soon as you need it.

Auto Title Loans

Benefits of Car Title Loans

  •   Fast and easy process
  •   Get your money when you need it
  •   No annual fees
  •   No prepayment penalty
  •   Simple interest
  •   Get to keep and drive your car



Loan approval is subject to several factors. Borrower must meet all specific underwriting criteria and provide an acceptable vehicle as collateral. Other restrictions may apply. Loan amount requirements vary by state. Sabre Lending LLC may act as the broker for the loan, and may not be the direct lender.